Hose Slide (2pack)

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The Hose Slide is an innovative but simple device that prevents your water hose or power cord from getting caught underneath your vehicle’s tyre. 

The Hose Slide butts up against the tyre to block the hose or cord from getting pinched under the tread, so you can move around the vehicle more easily. 

We’ve all had the experience of the water cutting off while we’re washing or rinsing the car. The Hose Slide allows you to pull the water hose around the vehicle without it getting trapped under the tyre.The Hose Slide eliminates this one small hassle of washing the car so you can enjoy the process of detailing. 

The Hose Slide is also a great asset when you’re buffing your vehicle. As you may know, the cable can get trapped under the tyre just as you’re rounding the corner of the vehicle. This is a very dangerous situation for the paint because, if the cable unexpectedly gets caught as you’re polishing, you could easily damage the paint with a rotary machine. The Hose Slide prevents the power cable from catching under the tyre so you can polish your vehicle without incident. 

The Hose Slide is made of sturdy moulded plastic shaped to cup the tyre. It’s virtually indestructible! Kick The Hose Slide snugly under the tyre, diagonal to the tread. The hose or power cord will slide around the tyres without getting caught. 

This set includes 2 Hose Slides – one for each front tyre.


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