Scratchshield Bucket Filter & Buckets - For 2 Bucket Car Wash Method

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This it contains:

2x Heavy Duty White 20L Bucket  - 1x Wash & 1x Rinse

2x Grit Shield Adjustable

1x 500ml Shampoo

Grit Shield is the new car wash bucket grit guard filter system that helps prevent fine scratches and swirls being created as you wash your car. Its unique patent pending design allows it to fit most styles and sizes of bucket available in the UK.

The Grit Shield sits at the bottom of your bucket, creating a protective barrier between the dirt, grit and debris which settles on the bottom and prevents transfer back onto your wash mitt. 

Its swirl pattern and legs then act as baffle plates to reduce the chance of the trapped dirt and debris swirling up above the shield.

The Grit Shield is Great value, allowing you to adopt the two bucket method without breaking the bank.

A customer said

"many thanks and just for the record I've been using Meguiars buckets and these are loads better ;)"



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Brand Auto Rae-Chem
Condition New
Weight 5kg